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Gottscheer Relief Association, New York

Gottscheer Relief Association

The Gottscheer people had to experience and overcome many hardships and misfortunes during the almost seven hundred year History of Gottschee.  Since the late 1800's, thousands of Gottscheers came to the USA, primarily to New York and Cleveland. 

In 1945, they started a large-scale movement of relief activities to help their uprooted kinfolk in Europe.  The united action of all Gottscheer Organizations and fellow countrymen was needed immediately.    Thus was formed the Gottscheer Relief Association, officially incorporated in accordance with the laws of the State of New York on April 15, 1946.   The origin, history, and functions of this still important organization are detailed in the History of the Gottscheer Relief Association.

 Elfriede Parthe Sommer - President
 Sonia Juran Kulesza - 1st Vice Pres.
 Anita Radske - 2nd Vice Pres.
 Robert Hoefferle - Treasurer
 Irene Lackner - Corr. Secretary
 Dorothy Ann Neubauer - Rec. Secretary
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Ridgewood, New York 11385
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