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Gottscheer Relief Association, New York

Gottscheer Central Holding

Description:  Gottscheer Central Holding Co., Inc.
History:   As early as January 1921, and again in 1923, members of the Gottscheer Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein expressed their desire to look for a Gottscheer home, where the current organizations could meet, hold their dances and maintain their Gottscheer customs and traditions.  At the beginning of 1924, the original idea finally became a reality. 

A committee was formed within the Gottscheer organizations, namely:  the Gottscheer Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein, Oesterreicher Maenner Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein, Gottscheer Maenner Chor and Gottscheer Damen Chor.  The members of this committee consisted of the following:  Josef Deutschmann, Josef Jonke, Matthias Kobetitch, Josef Mille, Karl Primosch, Adolf Schauer, Willi Schmidt, Rudolf Stimpfel, John Weiss, Alois Fink, Henry Jung, Karl Tanke, John Loske, Joseph Sterbenz and Minnie Schneller.  All of them worked out the many details in long sessions, which in the end assured the success of the project.

On Sunday, March 15, 1924, at a general assembly meeting at the “Brooklyn Labor Lyceum” the foundation for the present Gottscheer Central Holding Corporation, Inc. was established.  Gottfried M. Tittmann was elected president.

Within a short time, the membership grew to 400 and stocks at a total value of more than $10,000 were sold—at a cost of $10 per share.  In addition, the Gottscheer Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein issued a mortgage of $5,000 and the Oesterreicher Maenner Kranken Unterstuetzungs Verein issued a mortgage of $4,000.  This money permitted the purchase of the house at 657 Farview Avenue in Ridgewood, New York.  On December 12 and 13 of the same year, the festivities in the new Gottscheer Clubhouse had their beginning.

Thereafter, the Gottscheer organizations made the Gottscheer Clubhouse their home and center of operations.  Since good food and drinks are an essential part of a well-run establishment, the Clubhouse prospered.

On April 5th, 1928, the building was heavily damaged by fire.  It took some time to renovate the building, and again with the financial help of the Gottscheer KUV and the OMKUV, the building was restored and business again prospered.

The influence of the immigration in the early fifties made it necessary to enlarge the Clubhouse.  Under the leadership of President Fred Sbaschnig, the house next door was purchased, and after some obstacles, the construction of the new Clubhouse began.  The value of the existing shares were increased from $10 to $30, and additional shares at $30 were sold.  Again, the Gottscheer KUV, under President Joseph Eppich, assisted the renovation project with a mortgage of $25,000 at a rate much lower than for their own members.  A new chapter in the history of the “Gottscheer Clubhouse” began with a banquet on December 1, 1962.  A bronze plaque, which hangs in the Clubhouse, contains all the names of those who have contributed so much to this expansion.

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Gottscheer Hall 80th Anniversary May 23, 2004

Left to right, bottom row: Joseph Kikel, Daniel Kikel, Elfriede Parthe, Joseph Morscher, Christian Matzelle.  Top row: Eleanor Zach, Isabella Poje, Fred Zagar, Heidi Kirmaier.


For information on

Gottscheer Central Holding Corp., Inc.,


    Werner F. Klun

    Cell #917-923-8183



To inquire about a banquet event, party, room rental, or for information on Gottscheer Hall,

Elfriede Parthe Sommer
Cell No. 917-362-9072

         Officers and Board of Directors

Werner F. Klun          President &

Elfriede Parthe Sommer  Vice President,

                        Director, and
                        Manager of

                        Gottscheer Hall
Joseph Morscher         Treasurer

                        & Director
Roland Belay            Secretary

                        & Director
Joseph Kikel            Director
Daniel Kikel            Director
Ed Matzelle             Director
Albert Michitsch        Director

Friedrich Neubauer      Director

Through the years, improvements were made to the building, the garages were purchased, business again prospered and dividends were distributed many time to the shareholders.  Since the Clubhouse provided the Gottscheers with what its main purpose was—“Heimat,” it became a real home for all Gottscheers.  People met at the affairs and gatherings, became friends, and many couples had their wedding receptions there.


Presently, the Board of Directors, which consists of multi-talented individuals (many from the younger generation of Gottscheers), has taken a more active role in the day-to-day operations of Gottscheer Hall.  They are committed to the work which began so many years ago—to have a home for the various Gottscheer organizations, and to serve the Gottscheer, German and surrounding communities of the greater New York area.

657 Fairview Avenue
Ridgewood, New York 11385
tel: 718-366-3030